Born in Papua New Guinea. Helen draws her inspiration from primitive origins, years of travel and living in Los Angeles, New York, London, Australia, Sweden and Indonesia.

A prolific creator. Helen has designed Complete Hotels, studio and venue fitouts to Branding and Design in Music and Business. All up, 30+ years of Art Direction, Graphic Design and Commercial Interior Design make up her experience. 

In recent years, Helen has ventured into designing wearables, designing for her own style. Her creations are sought after by kindred spirits, travellers, musicians, writers and those who live a little differently.

Designing from her studios in Kingscliff and Kirra Australia and shipping as wide as Tokyo, New York and London, every item that has been created has been designed and hand made by Helen herself in her studios.... stitch by stitch, sculpting of furnishings and jewellery through to all of the production work.

NO machine stitching or commercial furnishings are used. All of her creations are designed and hand made from semi precious metals or steel, and the hides and furs are ethically sourced where possible.

Many of her pieces are one of a kind, commissions or made in very small quantities, some creations can take many weeks, making them very unique and precious as there maybe only 1 or a couple around on this little planet.

Enjoy, and we hope to design for you soon